New Zealand Classic Car 391, January/February 2024

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Well, love it or hate it, we have to accept the fact that we made this mustard-coloured, Skoda-chassied, fibreglass vehicle and it's a true Kiwi classic icon now – we are talking about the Trekka.
They were a hard car to like or in any way admire when they came out in the 1960s and to be honest, as kids, we used to point and laugh at them. However, they are our best attempt at a motorcar industry so it's time to enjoy all there is to know about this truly unique Kiwi-designed farming vehicle. When you see them in the flesh these days, they really have something about them that we can now, actually appreciate and enjoy as the Trekka… is all ours.
It’s time to own it NZ and our cover story this issue is on two beauties, a ute and a station wagon. Enjoy.
Electric VW Kombi
In the 50s and 60s, the VW Kombi was an icon of the peace, love and freedom movement. That symbolism continues today where it’s not uncommon to see a peace sign, flowers, or other similar iconography on Kombis around the globe. Even Volkswagen New Zealand are in on the act, coming up with the concept of highlighting the Kombi’s carefree roots to help market the recently released successor, the VW IDBuzz.
The IDBuzz is also VW’s first foray into an all-electric van, and while it’s far from VW’s first electric vehicle, it may soon become their most popular. For this epic transformation, they enlisted the help of one of the country’s foremost restoration shops, which also happens to be the business that has likely converted more classics to electric power than any other, Wellington’s The Surgery.
Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III
Back in issue 385 we featured  this Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III in the article ‘Royal Rollers & Fancy Fords’ by John Stokes. That article sure caused a bit of a stir as we asked, “where are these cars now?” One reader, Canterbury car enthusiast Bert Govan, got in touch to say “I’ve got one in my garage”. The opportunity to have a close up look at this ex royal transporter was too good to pass up, so we sent our Quinton along for a good look and a test drive.
2005 HSV GTO Coupé
Aussie once made stunning, jaw-dropping muscle cars. All the big three Australian motoring manufacturers had a crack and aren’t we grateful that they did. In this issue we examine a 2005 HSV GTO Coupé owned by Wayne Blackwood of Lower Hutt. Vaughn Wilson also reminisces about just how great many of the mighty Holden Monaros were.
Trevor Stanley has been a member of the New Zealand Classic Car magazine team since about issue number two back in 1991, and many of his classic cars have featured on the cover of the magazine.
Now Trevor is a blue badge enthusiast and in this article, shares with us his love of Fords and runs us  through the long list of Fords he has owned, restored  and loved over the past 50 plus years
Summer surfing
In the previous issue of NZ Classic Car, issue 390, Gerard Richards wrote a celebration of the 1960s article and explained why he thought the 1960s really was the best decade ever. Well, Gerard is back again this issue and back in the 60s but this time is helping us enjoy all those cars that took us surfing at those glorious Kiwi beaches.
The Morris Eight
In his regular Motorman column this issue, Donn Anderson has a look back and extols the virtues of a bit of an unsung hero of New Zealand motoring, the Morris Eight.
Valiant Wayfarer Ute
Most of us can recall at least one vehicle we regret selling. In some cases it may be because of a meteoric rise in value since offloading a classic that was yet to be appreciated by the market, or as in this case, a ute that was like a best friend. A cool best friend. A friend who anyone would be happy to be seen with.
Togs, undies and Corfu driving
Patrick Harlow jetted away to Europe on holiday and enjoyed getting away from it all on an island designed for donkey power that ensures some highly rewarding driving experiences.
A Buggy for the kids and a truck for dad. Patrick Harlow discovered that the trouble with building beach buggies is that you can really catch the bug.
The Stuart Special No 77
Nigel Young gets up close and personal with the Stuart Special No 77. This race car is one of the iconic South Island (New Zealand) built specials that was built after World War II. It is typical of the racing cars of the time and occasionally still appears at vintage events.
Motorsport Flashback
Sixty years of McLaren
Some 350 friends of the McLaren Motor Racing team assembled in southern England in early November to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of a racing team formed by an extraordinarily driven but quiet Kiwi racer/engineer, and a forthright American lawyer.
Marketplace Report
Right car – right time
Porsche fans are coming to see the 986 Boxster as one of Porsche’s most significant cars
Classic bycatch of criminal trap
Do we really need recertification for old cars whose only crime is a lapsed rego?”
Book review
Dominique Vincent. Published 2022 by Coco-B editions. ISBN 978-2-9583117-3-5. 59 Euro (plus postage)
Behind the garage door
The lure of a local legend
Steven Chappell has been tinkering with engines for as long as he has been able to hold tools. He is an aircraft engineer who served his time with British Airways. New Zealand was just supposed to be a stopover on his big OE but to date, he has not got around to leaving.
Events and news
Autospectacular Dunedin 2023, Kiwis race hard at Laguna Seca, Meguiar’s raises $4.5K for Prostate Cancer Foundation, the upcoming Southern Classic, Levels Raceway Timaru, 9–11 February 2024

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