New Zealand Classic Car 390, November/December 2023

When you next chat to one of our Aussie cousins, tell them they can have the rights to the Pavlova, we just want to claim their rare classic Holdens thanks.
Our main feature in this issue of the magazine is on the tale of a car that many Australian classic car lovers were hunting for that just fell into the lap of an ardent Kiwi Holden fan who was living in NSW.
This sought after EJ was offered to Stan Adams in 2010 from a neighbour living just 600m away.
1996 Toyota Supra RZ
Classic cars have always been a great investment (mostly) and as the years roll on, great contemporary cars become extremely collectible as well. Here is one that Ben Selby strongly recommends, that’s as good as money in the bank.
The owner of this restored Toyota knows a thing or two about the brand, he’s the ex CEO of Toyota NZ.
Costin Amigo – heir to a Mosquito
In Patrick Harlow’s opinion, the Frank Costin-designed Amigo is possibly the earliest example of a perfect union of function and form in a production car. A star-struck Patrick actually met Frank Costin in 1989 when he was visiting NZ with the aim of immigrating here. This sadly never eventuated however we do have one of his greatest creations in this country. The final Amigo ever made (number 9) has been owned by Bill McElwee since 1989 and was actually completed by Frank’s son, Nick, from leftover parts.
Morrari Recreation – a childhood inspiration
It’s a car as legendary for its exotic underpinnings as its eccentric repurposing. New Zealand has a rich history in recommissioning old, outdated racers and extending their usable life but even in that company, the Morrari stands alone. The Morrari originated as a 1955 Ferrari 555 ‘Super Squalo’, so named because of its curvaceous aluminium body, which flowed gracefully around its two side-mounted fuel tanks into a sharp pointed tail.
Tribulation and triumph – 1959 Triumph TR3A
Jim Richardson encountered this beautifully restored Triumph TR3A purely by accident. He was out walking one day, tripped on a grate in the pavement and fell hard, downhill. He went to the local surgery where the doctor assessed he needed a scan to make sure I didn’t scramble my brains even more. 
He was told not to drive to the hospital and that’s when neighbour, Bob Birdsall, came to my aid. On the way, they started talking about cars. Bob mentioned he had a 1959 Triumph TR3A roadster that was restored, all original, and correct. What are the chances?
Travis, a Dodge Viper and his high school sweetheart
Our own Vaughan Wilson discovers a few automotive treasures during a US sojourn. This 1994 Dodge Viper is just one of a bevy of classic car treasures he uncovers.
Kits & Pieces  – The Sabre – is it the Kiwi TVR?
Almac’s Sabre featured a fibreglass body, a spaceframe chassis and often a stonking Rover V8. Was it a match for the products of the more famous exponent of that recipe from the old country, Blackpool’s TVR?
Lunch with Brett Riley – part 2 by Michael Clark
Never say never
After very nearly breaking into Formula 1 Brett Riley thought he’d retire from racing but his talent and the allure of another series meant he kept turning up on the podium.
Flashback – why the ’60s was the best decade ever
Gerard Richards dons tribute rose-tinted glasses for his look at the ’60s not just for their retro cool and funky rosy glow, but because he's convinced the world, like the glasses, was better, brighter and more fun back then.
Motor Sport Flashback By Michael Clark
F1, Indy 500 and drag racing
While Liam Lawson has yet to secure a seat in Formula 1, he remains part of the Red Bull squad, ready to take the wheel at a moment’s notice.
Marketplace Report – overnight sensation
By Ben Selby 
Only a handful of cars truly deserved the description as a ‘game-changer’ but the Audi Quattro is one of them.
PRICE ON … By Greg Price
Vehicle fees as charged by NZTA, with help from the industry
Some bad news and some good news
Book Reviews by Mark Holman
The cars of the 50s
Kiwis and Cortinas
Behind The Garage Door
The Family XK120 – By Quinton Taylor
Carefully stored on a farm near Ashburton is a real piece of Jaguar history in the form of a 1953 Jaguar XK120 fixed head coupé.
Resurrecting Flying ‘A’s
Invercargill motor racing enthusiast Adrian Robertson has taken the plunge and is in the process of returning two Austins to the track.
News and events
Goodwood revival, Hamilton Classic, I am hope, Historic Touring…

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