Q. If I renew before my subscription runs out, will I receive one of the issues twice?

A. No, you can renew whenever you like, and we'll tack your new subscription onto the end of your existing subscription.

Q. Can I swap my subscription for another subscription?

A. In most cases, no, because subscriptions come from different publishers. However, email us and we'll see what we can do.

Q. I don't see my country listed. Do you ship wordwide?

A. Yes, but if your country isn't listed we may need to calculate a shipping price specifically. Please contact us.

Q. I ordered a subscription, but I haven't received a magazine

A. Sometimes it can take several weeks for you to receive your first magazine after subscribing. For example, if you subscribe to a bi-monthly magazine and the current issue has been on-sale for 2 weeks, and you elected to receive the next issue, it'll be around 6 weeks before you receive your first copy.

Q. I want a gift card. Do you send them?

For some subscriptions, the publishers will be able to send a gift card. Gift cards take one working day to process and are sent by regular post. We are not able to send gift cards on the last day before a significant holiday (i.e. Easter and Christmas).