New Zealand Classic Car 358, October 2020

It’s hard to believe that three totally different automotive styles can emerge from one marque. In this issue we look at three very distinct cars highlighting that French car manufacturer, Renault, have integrated flair and creativity to achieve its core identity, whilst other car manufacturers have traditionally relied on consistent looks.
Across the channel, UK manufacturer, MG added a Rover alloy V8  in the hope of rejuvenating fading sports car glory. We took a closer look and were surprised that this quintessential British sports car was to be handled with care. There’s nothing more Aussie than a Falcon ute. But when we discovered a very rare fully restored, one off, example we couldn’t resist taking a further look.
GM hasn’t produced too many cars of late, but reminiscing about how good they were was good enough reason to bring our featured Buick Wildcat out of the shadows. We celebrate Formula Fords and Adelaide’s Grand Prix in this month’s Motor sport Flashback and Motorman, Donn Anderson remembers three days in Bavaria twenty six years ago, with a group of motoring journalists as guests of BMW, plus much more.  

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