New Zealand Classic Car 357, September 2020

The heady cocktail of a mighty American V8 shoe-horned into the traditionally British AC Ace roadster was first suggested by US racing driver Carroll Shelby. Today, the Shelby Cobra is considered by many to be the most iconic American sports car in history. Our featured 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 is the real deal and has been meticulously restored to concours condition, with fully documented history dating back to day one. 
A rare car indeed, but when was the last time you spotted a genuine Mk2 Ford Cortina GT Estate or a well-preserved Mercedes ‘Ponton’? All featured in this issue, but wait there’s more. We take a ramble through Vauxhall’s heyday in New Zealand and Michael Clark zooms in on local racing icons Craig Baird ‘Bairdo’ and Greg Murphy ‘Murph’ for a catch-up, plus all the bidding action from Webb’s recent collectors cars and motorcycle auction and much more. Enjoy. 

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