New Zealand Classic Car 349, January 2020

A pristine green Anglia from the deep south strikes the right Christmassy note on our front cover. Kiwis loved these cars so much they carried on being assembled alongside the new-fangled Escort designed to replace it. At the other end of the Ford spectrum is a Ford GT40 replica, gorgeous in its Gulf livery. This came after the famous Amon/McLaren, Miles/Hulme victory in 1966, discussed ihn Motorsport Flashback. With its ‘bundle of snakes’ exhaust, period Motolita wheel and Smiths gauges, it can’t fail to stir the soul. Nissan’s GT-R R32, the Aussie V8-eating ‘Godzilla’, is just as powerful an icon for a later generation. Ashley Webb pores over a gorgeous original example of a car whose value is best mapped on its twin turbo boost gauge. Our magful of classics include an E-Type Jag, a trio of Mk1 MX-5s, a collection of Begg racing cars, a tribute to legendary rally cars and a trio of Targa tales: two from behind the windscreen from passionate converts to the new time trial category of New Zealand’s famous tarmac rally.

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