New Zealand Classic Car 348, December 2019

An example of the outrageous 200 mph Plymouth Superbird, which Richard Petty campaigned in Nascar, roosts on our cover as a monument to ’70s excess. It’s counterbalanced by the classical elegance of a Mercedes 280 SL ‘Pagoda’ and, rounding out a diverse trio, we feature a thrilling little Cooper 500 racing car. Motorman Donn Anderson recalls a flash of brilliance from Triumph, the BMW-beating Dolomite Sprint, and in Kits and Pieces we feature another Kiwi car that so nearly made it into production: the Crowther coupe. We’ve got the sights and sensations of the Goodwood Revival, the results and a round-up of the Targa NZ, and a couple of behind the wheel reports — firstly, from inside Toyota’s new Supra on a Targa special stage. If that’s not exotic enough for you, how about punting an Aston Martin Zagato around the tracks and byways of Italy’s Modeno Cento Ore?

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