The Shed 68, August–September 2016

 We make a stand in The Shed Issue 68, a stand for a mitre saw, then we show you some great uses for possum fur that Ian Miller has come up with. Murray Wymer and his father Norman share with us their passion for tractors and farm machinery and Mark Lester impresses us all with his native timber boxes. A great Kiwi invention is unveiled, a portable anaesthetic machine, the brainchild of John Hyndman and Ivan Batistich then we focus on screw cutting on a lathe. David Brown of Invercargill's Classic Car Developments shows us more Kiwi craftmanship displayed in the clones he makes of D-Type Jaguars that sell for $2m plus! Stu's shed this issue is building a baby's cot and Harry Nordberg shares his passion for building mahogany boats. In a garden project we show what a pergola can do for your alfresco living and Linda Laurenson of Christchurch delights us all with her enchanting miniature creations. Colin Gill Thames goes all steampunk with his creations and we have a handy tool guide to help you make some buying decisions.

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