The Shed 65, February–March 2016

 In Shed 65 Ian Williams doesn't let a serious crash on the racetrack stop him from a complete rebuild of his Austin 7 racecar and meet John Walsh, a Marlborough farmer, with a real passion for history who builds a replica water wheel. Engineer John Stichbury shows us around his shed where he has a passion for thinking outside the square with his sheddie projects and Paul Davisan makes his own fun by making his own replica armaments. We have Part I of metalworking lathe series this issue and we commence with the first step, buying the right lathe. Sarah Beresford meets a silversmith with a 40-year passion for this fine art and in Stu's Shed we enjoy building a cabinet for our dartboard then Greg Holster shows us how to get to grips with an AC/DC Tig welder. In our woodworking feature this issue we talk to Michael Fortune about his career as a leading furniture designer and maker then jump to show you how to use your PlayStation 2 Controller with your Arduino project in our electronics section. We have more electronic info for you in Part IIII of our basics of electronics series where we look at comparators and the 555 timer chip.

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