The Shed 62, August–September 2015

In The Shed Issue 62, meet Andrew Palace who makes out of this world works of art lamps from recycled bits and pieces. and showcase a pnuematic seat that keeps a motorbike rider grounded. We visit the shed of a family where the forge and the anvil are in this family's blood and Jude walks you through how to make your own LPG gas bottle. Alternate energy has gone through some big changes and we write about some DIY options and talk to Mike and Julie Kerr about moving their antique renovation business which has moved to a Rangiora hayshed after the Christchurch earthquakes. Stu Lees channels his childhood memories and builds a Sopwith Camel bi-plane out of wood and our project this issue is to turn a pile of surplus welding gear into the perfect bar leaner. E-bikes get a look in as well with the Kiwi-built SmartMotion farm bike and we meet John Stichbury who makes model car engines and spark plugs. Meet Murray Lehndorf of Inglewood who has lined his shed with wooden pallets and wonder whether plastics would be a good choice for some projects. For those with a hunger to learn about electronics we have the first in a series about the basics, starting with capacitors and resistors.

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