The Shed 48, April–May 2013

In Shed issue 48 we meet lighting cameraman Mike Rathbone who shows us how to electrify your car in a step by step process. We get on the water with Stephen Snedden on his plastic twin-hull utlity (his own creation, The Seahull) and Bob Browning shows us how to make a stylish wooden step ladder.We enjoy the International Jousting Treatment held in Upper Hutt and get som advice on how to make your own armour for just such an event. Geoff Merryweather gets making a heavy workshop lifter, a strong gantry crane, and we find a use for all the wonderful bricks discarded after the Christchurch earthquake. Mark Beckett reviews the new mini Arduino, Digispark, before Vik Oliver gives us Part V of Arduino 101, starting with stepper motors. Robin Overall is in awe of Mexican houses made from recycled materials he discovered on a recent trip to that country.