The Shed 47, February–March 2013

In The Shed issue 47 we get out to the shed and get brewing some zingy India Pale Ale to enjoy over the summer months. Stu Bryan shares his own invention from his shed, a kayak anchor, and in Part II of our Woodwork Getting Started Series, we show how to set up your workshop. Fred Braxton gives the final check on his renovated cottage with an Eco approach then Eion Scott walks us through installing a range hood in the kitchen. We marvel at the growth of 3D printing before enjoying the basket weaving of Mike Lilian of Kakanui, near Oamaru. Mark Beckett takes us back to school to meet some future hi-tech engineers and observe some 9-11-year-olds tackling Arduino. Still at school, we meet some clever youngsters doing some very clever projects including the I Robot champs. We admire Stan Scott building houses in Sri Lanka under the Houses for Humanity scheme then give some basic boating safety advice for the coming summer. Finally, this issue in our Electronics feature, we have Part IV of Arduino 101, LCD for the Temp Controlled Relay