The Shed 46, December–January 2013

 In Shed Issue 46 we walk readers through how to build the ultimate smoker - home built, fan assisted for hot or cold meats. We discuss the ban on unsafe ladders and Ritchie Wilson shows us how to rebuild a tool cabinet. Roger Lacey enjoys a restored Mosquito Airplane that has just taken to the skies over Auckland and then tells us how to earn revenue from grid-tied solar power. Some Kiwi design students impress the world with their transport design paper on motorbikes then we meet Ken McIntosh who is recreating Manx Norton motorbikes right here in good ol' NZ. Fred Braxton gives us more eco-design advice by encouraging us to use products that are kind to the planet before we head to Stratford to meet Ross and Heather Vivian who are deeply passionate about creating in wood. David Blackwell gives us some advice on first steps with woodworking and we share some important safety advice when it comes to ladders. In our electronics section, Mark Beckett gives some Raspberry Pi advice for beginners and then we showcase the great invention, The Lifeguard, a real quad bike life saver. In our Electronics Project this issue we show how to build a microprocessor to manage lights when you are not at home before we complete this issue with Part III in our Arduino 101 series.