New Zealand Classic Car 265, January 2013

  • 1955 Ford Zephyr MKI: A classic car seemingly made to complement the golden weather of another kiwi summer.
  • Shadow of the Andes: Six kiwis and 3 Citroën 2CVs on an epic trip through South America 
  • Il Mostro: It may not be the prettiest car but there's little doubt that the Alfa Romeo SZ has a ton of character
  • Motor Man: Don Anderson recalls the day in 1964 when he track-tested the Brabham single-seater that Denny Hulme  once successfully raced
  • Mini Cooper S: Fully restored and kitted out for classic racing, this Cooper S looks absolutely terrific
  • Motorsport Flashback: January 1983: We Are the Champions! David Oxton won the New Zealand Grand Prix 30 years ago this month - an event he hadn't even planned to enter.

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