New Zealand Classic Car 262, October 2012

Lamborghini Miura: Lamborghini’s original supercar – for one Kiwi, still the ultimate dream car
Leyland Force 7: We tracked down an original example of Leyland’s super–rare  P76–based coupe in Taranaki
Austin Seven Racing: The romance of vintage motor racing and the Roycroft Trophy
GT Newcomer: We test Kahn’s bespoke Range Rover Westminster
Alpina B7 S Turbo: We check out a rare, Alpina–tuned and turbocharged BMW
Motor Man: Back in 1967, Donn Anderson caught up with a legendary Kiwi–built race–car – Jim Mullins’ extraordinary Austin A40
Morgans at Malvern: Mark Holman takes a tour around the Morgan factory in the UK
Motorsport Flashback: October 1982: Murray Taylor Racing
News: Silver Fern Rally – Gisborne Historic Rally – Tasman Revival Preview – Southward Motor Museum Under Threat
Club Corner: NZ Lamborghini Register

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