New Zealand Classic Car 249, September 2011

  • Transatlantic Triumph - In Dunedin we discovered this freshly restored 1968 Triumph TR250 – a car originally intended for US consumption only,
  • 1924 Studebaker Light Six - We travel to Kaikoura to check out this splendid Studebaker,
  • Motor Man - Donn Anderson pays tribute to Mike ‘The Bike’ Hailwood on the 30th anniversary of his death,
  • 1964 Jaguar Mk2 - Inspired by John Coombs’ famous Mk2 racers, this Jaguar has been much modified by it’s Kaikoura-based owner,
  • Escort Memories - Trevor Stanley recounts the story behind his Ford Escort MkII,
  • The Gentle Touch - We talk to Adrienne Barnes of Wipe Out Car Painters in Christchurch,
  • Automania - Examining the motives behind those involved in all aspects of the car collecting hobby,
  • Motorsport Flashback - Chris Amon at Monza,
  • The Professionals - Palmside Automotive

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