New Zealand Classic Car 246, June 2011

  • Volvo P1800E - The Saint comes to town as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Volvo’s charismatic ‘60s sports car,
  • Targa Rotorua 2011 - Route maps and entrant listing,
  • Beetlemania - One man and his passion for the VW Beetle,
  • Motor Man - Donn Anderson looks back at the Ford Capri and remembers the time Jackie Stewart took him for a drive around Silverstone in a Capri,
  • E-Type 50th Anniversary - We gather together a collection of E-Types to celebrate the 50th birthday of the most iconic sports car in the world,
  • Cotton Candy Comrade - With a body made of wool and paper scraps bound together by resin, the Iron Curtain Trabant was a triumph of recycling and may just qualify as the first truly ‘green’ car,
  • Kiwi Motor Racing Greats - We continue our feature covering the motorsport career of Garry Pedersen – this month we look at Garry’s exploits in the legendary GEMCO sports racer,
  • Motorsport Flashback - June 1961 – A is for Abarth: recalling the exploits of Denny Hulme and Angus Hyslop at Le Mans, 080 Pace with Grace - TACCOC Autumn Classic – Pukekohe Park Raceway,
  • Special Feature: Panel & Paint - Choosing the right trade professional to work on your classic car