New Zealand Classic Car 242, February 2011

  • NZCC Classic Car Weekend - gearing up for NZ’s largest classic car show, 
  • Motor Man - Donn Anderson wonders if there is such a thing as a ‘classic’ Suzuki, 
  • Liège-Brescia-Liège Rally - two Kiwis take on the classic re-run of the 1958 event in their Mini 850, 
  • 1972 Ford Mustang Mach I - the Telford family talk about their rare Mustang, 
  • The Zagato Zone- body by Zagato, six-cylinder Alfa Romeo engine – its has to be a 2600 Sprint Zagato, 
  • The Survivor - checking out a startlingly original 1920 Buick, 
  • South Island Road Trip - Trevor Stanley tours around the South Island, 
  • Classic Racing Saloons - looking back at the 1971 saloon car racing season, 
  • Motorsport Flashback - February 1971: Graeme McRae’s first Tasman