New Zealand Classic Car 233, May 2010

  • Tim Chadwick 1962 - 2010 - We look back at the life and achievements of Tim Chadwick, 
  • Ferrari Classiche - We visit Ferrari's exclusive restoration establishment, 
  • The Original Motor Man - Donn Anderson joins NZ Classic Car,
  • Letter from Europe - The ongoing story of a Kiwi mechanic in Europe, 
  • Surprise Package - Checking out a fabulous, fully restored Corvette 'fuelie', 
  • Matching Mustangs - all in the same colour - Fastback Notchback & Convertible, 
  • Pace with Grace - Legends of Speed, 76 F5000 Track Test - We take to the track at Ruapuna to test a Lola T430,
  •  Motorsport Flashback - May 1950: The start of all the days that Alfa Romeo ruled the GP roost, 
  • The Classic Home Mechanic - Dealing with fuel pump problems