New Zealand Classic Car 229, January 2010

  • Mercedes-Benz E500 - Mastering the electronic wizardry in Mercedes’ new executive saloon, 
  • Letter From Europe - The ongoing story of a Kiwi mechanic in Europe, 
  • Drive NZ Classic 2009 - All the action and results from the recent DNZ tour of New Zealand, 
  • Iconic Classic - Holdens don’t get much more ‘classic’ than the iconic EH, 
  • Young Persons’ Guide to Classic Cars Do young people and classic cars go together? we think so – and we set out to prove it, 
  • Fiat 124 Coupé - 19-year old Scott Lowe and his fully restored 124, 
  • Ford Cortina - Being a teenager and a girl doesn’t mean you can’t love classic cars – just ask 17-year old Shannon, 
  • Ford Capri - 21-year old Paul talks about his classic pride-and-joy, 
  • Travels With My Father - Did your father influence you in your classic car of choice?, 
  • Motorsport Flashback - January 1970: Graeme Lawrence and the Ex-Amon Ferrari, 
  • The Classic Home Mechanic - How to fit and set distributor points

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