New Zealand Classic Car 182, February 2006

  • A McLaren M23: Its only just returned to the race-track, we look at the history behind this ex Denny Hulme F1 McLaren and detail the car's recent restoration.
  • Almac Sabre S2 - Road- testing a NZ-designed and built V8-powered sports car.
  • Fiat Dino Spider 2400 - We examine Pininfarina's gorgeous Ferrari-powered Spider.
  • Ford Cortina GT Mk1 - Although over shadowed by the Lotus-Cortina, the GT still makes a superb everyday classic.
  • 1916 Briscoe Tourer - Although virtually unknown today, the Briscoe was once a very popular choice for US motorists.
  • Austin Seven Chummy - The basis of a surprising number of racing specials, the Seven's place in motoring history is assured.
  • Classic Racing Saloon: Richard Gatward's ford Mustang - checking out a GDM Muscle Car Series entrant - a 1965 Mustang with a long NZ racing history.