New Zealand Classic Car 180, December 2005

  • BMW 635CSI vs Jaguar XJ-S 3.6 - It's a classic coupe clash as two fast and luxurious sports coupes from the '80s fight it out head-to-head
  • Subaru Impreza WRX
  • Amphicar: The Original Aquatic Classic - exploring the waterways of Taranaki in a classic Schwimmenwagen
  • Reviving the '50s: HWM-Jaguar Replica - Eoin Young test-drives a New Zealand-built replica of the legendary HWM
  • Mini Collector - visiting a family with Minis on their mind: from a Traveller to the current BMW Mini
  • Blitzen Benz: A Motorsport Icon - motoring historian, Karl Ludvigsen, outlines the history of this iconic racing car
  • Classic Racing Saloon: Paul Fahey's Escort - although better known for racing exploits in the Cologne Capri and Mustang, Paul Fahey was also a succesful Escort racer
  • Motorsport Flashback: Leo Leonard's Big Day Out - we remember the day when Leo raced against Allan Moffat at Bay Park