New Zealand Classic Car 176, August 2005

This month we take a close look at the remarkable Triumph Dolomite Sprint. Many younger readers may think that 16-valve four-cylinder technology is a product of the Japanese car industry, but Triumph proved otherwise when, in 1973 they unleashed the famous 'Dolly Sprint.' 16-valve engines were unusual in the '70s but Triumph's ohc unit proved simple, effective and surprisingly powerful. Capable of demolishing the 0-60mph sprint in less than nine seconds, before going on to a maximum speed of 115mph, the Sprint soon became a popular Q-car. Only 22,941 Sprints were ever made - small numbers when you consider that Triumph produced over 150,000 standard Dolomites - and we take two beautifully preserved models for a quick drive in the country.

Also in this issue: We test-drive a very special Redline Road Sport - a locally produced kit car that has been lavished with remarkable attention to detail. Definitely a one-off sports car.

We pay tribute to the recently deceased Hec Green and Sir Tom Clark - two of our Kiwi Motor Racing Greats.

Everyday Classic: the charismatic Vauxhall Cresta is put under our magnifying glass.

Hino Contessa: at first glance this smart looking Japanese classic from the '60s looks like a Dolomite Sprint -we discover the connection between the Hino and the Triumph.

The World's Fastest Indian: starring Sir Anthony Hopkins and directed by Roger Donaldson, this film about the legendary Bert Monro is due for release later this year. We take an exclusive looks behind the scenes during the making of the film and talk to the Kiwis who built a replica of Bert's famous record-breaking Indian motorcycle.

Racing Saloon: we look back at the golden age of Allcomer's saloon racing and detail the history behind the late Ian Munt's famous racing Capri V8.

Spotter's Guide: Classic Rileys

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