New Zealand Classic Car 164, August 2004

It's every classic car enthusiast's dream - finding an historic car that's been hidden away for decades. This month we talk to a man for whom that dream became reality. For those readers who remember Kiwi racing in the late '50s, the Austin-Healey 100S has a special place. Raced extensively by Ross Jensen, the 100S - probably the most highly developed sports racer of its day - was a frequent sight on NZ race tracks at the end of the '50s.

And, while the ex Jensen 100S still languishes unrestored in Dunedin, a US-owned 100S was a recent visitor to our shores. We check out the history of this famous racing car, learn about its unexpected discovery in the US after being 'lost' for almost three decades, look at its subsequent restoration and, finally, road-test the 100S in Wellington.

Noble M12 GT0-R3:  It may be powered by a relatively humble Mondeo V6 (albeit, turbocharged), but the British designed Noble M12 is garnering critical praise for its peformance, superb handling and bespoke quality. Now available in NZ, we take the first M12 in the country for a drive and come away from the experience suitably impressed. After all, if its good enough for Damon Hill it must be good enough for us!

Classic Motorsport If you like your classic action to be fast, we have plenty to keep you interested with reports from the closing classic racing events of the season, Steve Holmes looks at a current entrant in the popular Central Muscle Car Series - a mightily impressive big-block Camaro - and, next month, we strap Steve into the seat of the Camaro for a quick blast around Manfeild.

We also report back on the one-day Targa Dash, with a full blow-by-blow account of the action and complete results. All this and stories on the Chrysler Regal and a Rover 9 roadster which Penn checks out in its 'as discovered' state. All this and GT News, classic events, regional classic car news and, of course, all our usual columns and workshop advice