New Zealand Classic Car 78, June 1997

  • Everyday Classic - 1951 Ford Single Spinner, the single spinner marked the motoring crossroads following WWII. It probably saved Ford, and confirmed the course set by the new management was the right one to follow, fresh modern styling distinguished the "Forty-Niner" Ford from its forebears.
  • Chev Bel Air vs GMC Logging Truck.
  • The Golden Age of Space Exploration - Trevor Stanley gazes in awe at the rocketship lines of a Dodge Coronet Lancer Hardtop Coupe, the Lancer Hardtop reflects the typical space-age lines from this golden age, contemporary ads emphasise power and jet age terminology.
  • Z28 Camaro - faced with the runaway success of Ford's Mustang in the 1964-65 model seasons, GM unleashed the Camaro.