New Zealand Classic Car 77, May 1997

  • Everyday Classics - Vauxhall Cresta E Series, the mid-fifties top-selling six-cylinder.
  • Austin 7 vs Chev 1952 Sun.
  • The Forgotten Jaguar MK 1, or merely a late developer, first compact, and extra 100bhp, mastering the Moss box, this Jaguar is seen as an gentleman's tourer with plenty of power.
  • The Goddess, 1974 Citroen D Super 5, the world's most technically advanced car in 1955 and Citroen is still one of the world's most beautiful, Hydro-pheumatic suspension was first tested on Citroen's 1954 15CV on the rear wheels only, it was then applied to all four wheels on the DS19. Originally the team envisaged a flat six air-cooled engine and a car with active suspension and amazing hydraulics.
  • The Vintage 1929 Chrysler Coupe Roadster is easy to drive and can be seen as an Al Capone car.
  • Seventies Classic 1975 TVR 3000M-the 3000M's distinctive styling is instantly familiar to all TVR enthusiasts, and shares a strong family resemblance to earlier TVR's, the TVR's interior is typically British and well appointed.