New Zealand Classic Car 68, August 1996

  • Everyday Classic - MkVII Jaguar-with the reasonable price and unreasonably good performance and style which stunned the motoring world, Two tons of sheer luxury. The styling team worked away on how to blend the front and rear wing lines together to create more gracious and flowing lines.
  • My Classic - 1958 Standard Vanguard vs Camaro Z28.
  • German Supplement - 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle was the answer to the threat of small, reliable Japanese cars.
  • Porsche 356 Speedster-patented lust machine, timeless lines, plenty of grunt and sex appeal, it is simple plain and purposeful, fast and fatal. A true classic and probaly the most admired Porsche.
  • BMW 323i Cabriolet - a neat clean look even with the hood up, the macho front view is enhanced by BBS air dam, and the cockpit features superb instrumentation.
  • 1971 Mercedes 250CE, conservative candidate with added touch of class to the Mercedes line, interior accomation is spacious, coupe looks very stylish. The growth in Civic pride-especially in that reliable, motorised box called the Civic.
  • Seventies Classics - Ford Escort RS2000 (1975-1980), Ford hit the nail on the head, the MK2 RS2000 was a runaway success and became the best selling hot Escort by a country mile, aerodynamic solutions when reprofiling the standard Mk2 Escort body shell for the RS.