New Zealand Classic Car 67, July 1996

  • Everyday Classic - Holden EH Premier, Is this car everybody's favourite old Holden? The EH continued the EJ's clean and fresh body style.
  • GT 40 - The fastest Ford...could have won at Le Mans in 1965.
  • Robnell Cobra - Other Cobra replica builders aspire to Robnell quality.
  • Lamborghini Countach - The Ultimate Exotic, the Countess mouldings Lamborghini Countach Replica.
  • The T Car - This is wind in your hair motoring, styling is similar to the MG TF, this latest version features well balanced styling.
  • The TD 2000 - The boomarang TD, carved out of its own market niche and, despite numerous changes of ownership, keeps coming back.
  • Chevrolet 1938 - stunning one owner car
  • Fiat 124 Coupe - 70s classic