New Zealand Classic Car 393, May/June 2024

Minis have a passionate following and are adored by millions and millions of classic car lovers worldwide.
Whether it was their first car, a Mini for Mum, road trips with a car filled to bursting with people and luggage, or boy-racing escapades, everyone has a Mini story.
The Mini has the ability to become a member of the family with their cute-as looks and this “yellow one” nicknamed ‘Gertie’ is no different. The Kelly family of Dunedin are dedicated Mini fans from way back and this LE is just one in their collection – albeit something of a favourite.
Also in this issue: Mercedes W124, 300E, Corvette C5 Z06 and a Ford Zephyr MK III engine built with Toyota 2JZ architecture.
Plus: 1963 Mercury Comet, restored 1969 Ford Escort Twin Cam, Berkeley Sports Cars (Part 2), A memory of early ’70s kiwi drag racing and hot rodding, 1965 Volkswagen Kombi Type 2, US and Kiwi barn finds, Motorman recalls
Fiat’s superbly styled 850 Sports Coupé, Postcard from America, Motorsport Flashback – my mate Martin Lucas, 40 years of Almac cars, show stoppers, Mercedes Benz 190e Cosworth, De Joux Special and all the recent classic car events and news.
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