New Zealand Classic Car 376, April 2022

Leyland’s P76 didn’t strike the right notes with buyers in the ’70s but now its brutalist charms are more apparent, and its innovations can be appreciated afresh. Its dedicated band of followers now seem more insightful than eccentric. Two other rare beasts provide meaty fare in this issue — an actual genuine real-life Shelby GT350 is a real treat, and a rare Range Rover tribute to designer Spen King, the CSK, was the first genuine Range Rover Sport. The Toyota Sera’s cheeky and fun butterfly doors had a surprising butterfly effect on the supercar world and the Everson Eagle kit car goes the other way, mining sports car traditions. We also get technical, looking at how to replace shocks, and follow the installation of a new soft-top hood for a TR6, which highlights the talent in our local craftspeople. Plus we look back on a fateful day for Stirling Moss and the career of talented engineer John Nicholson.

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