New Zealand Classic Car 366, June 2021

Kiwi’s love affair with Holdens goes way back to when it all began in the late 1940’s. So when the opportunity arose to feature an uber rare 1956 FJ Holden Panel Van we couldn’t resist featuring it on this month's cover. And, when it comes to rare, it doesn’t get much rarer than our featured rotary engined Citroen GS Birotor. Despite the entire production of these cars being recalled for destruction, due to their cost and unpopularity at the time, only a few survived the crusher. Japanese hot hatches are becoming more sought after by enthusiasts worldwide such as this month’s featured Nissan Pulsar GTI-R pocket rocket, which turbocharged the boy racer scene back in the nineties. Plus we take a look at a beautifully prepared Cooper 500 race car that played a significant role in the birth of two legendary motorsport teams at opposite ends of the earth. We’ve also included some American muscle into the mix and look at the Corvette C5,  a car The General was reluctant to build.

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