New Zealand Classic Car 361, January 2021

It’s back to Classic Car basics this month, featuring a delightful Morrie Traveller. Editor Ashley’s story reports how exciting and innovative it was when launched, as well as how cuddly it is today. We’ve got a 1941 American Ford V8, which helped inspire the hot rod scene, and an Escort RS Cosworth, from the days when the Ford factory got serious about hotting up its own cars, in the perfectly rational pursuit of race wins. Then we go upmarket to look over an exquisitely restored example of one the great GT cars, Aston Martin’s DBS V8. A decade later, we got a local supercar, inspired by BMW’s M1. In Motorsport Flashback we persuade one of our best and most overlooked racing drivers, Jim Palmer, to talk, and Motorman takes a look at the cars with a long cultivated image of being simply the best. You know what they are.

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