New Zealand Classic Car 355, July 2020

The trusty Ford Falcon has been embedded in Kiwi culture from the first XK model in 1960 to the last XR6 off the line in October, 2016 and when we came across two of these Aussie icons it seemed only fair to squeeze both on the cover.
To a subtle muscle car, not often seen in this part of the world, our featured AMC Javelin’s Golden Lime paint is pitch perfect, straddling both 60’s and 70’s. We also head to the deep South to check out a classic Mini that took its young restorer on a journey of discovery.
Gerard Richards takes us on part two of his classic slot car racing report and Michael Clark interviews motorcycle racer, Graeme Crosby, on his direct route into the Grand Prix ranks.
Read how Motorman, Donn Anderson, advances his skills in a Porsche 911 at a Queensland driving centre two decades ago plus much more.  

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