New Zealand Classic Car 346, October 2019

Which classic car is on your bucket list? 

An ideal starter car, the gorgeous but simple, strong, and well-supported MGA is on our cover this month. That description also applies to the original Lotus Seven which also features, with a nod to its many offspring. Once you have your classic, the ultimate bucket list trip has to be Peking to Paris. Garry Boyce takes us along for the ride in his 1964 Mercedes 220SEC. We look at a new car wearing a classic badge as Toyota (and friend) give us a new Supra, the name that adorned its hottest GTs from 1978 to 2002. Heading upmarket, Donn Anderson peels back Ferrari’s first road-going V8, the 308, and the 1994 Aston Martin DB7 sculpted by Ian Callum, which set the template for that maker’s cars to the present day. We also feature the most tasteful hack job you are likely to see, the restoration of a Daimler converted into a ute. Yes, really.

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