New Zealand Classic Car 342, June 2019

Who would imagine that an Aussie Falcon could be worth over one million dollars? In the June edition of New Zealand Classic Car we look at how some of those 1970s Falcons were history makers. The Maserati Bora is from the same era, much more complex, and, dare we say it, more beautiful. Michael Clark gives us a second course of Lunch With Graeme Lawrence. We look back to a very early Porsche that lives in a gentleman’s lounge, and there are a couple of older American machines, one a Road Runner and one that’s a bit of a tank, the 1941 Cadillac, which was actually powered by a tank motor. Donn Anderson shows us the final official BL MGBs that were made in NZ, and Kits and Pieces shows us a car that was a British copy of an American copy of a car made by a Kiwi in the UK.