New Zealand Classic Car 341, May 2019

The May issue of New Zealand Classic Car looks at a Citroen that manages to be totally futuristic despite being 50 years old. There’s also something MG made in the golden past. Featured alongside those two we look at the Jensen Interceptor, a British luxury grand tourer that turned heads and hearts a world away in New Zealand, plus the car that got Japan noticed in the sports car world, the Datsun 240Z, which was popular in ’69 and is now even more so. If you’re looking for something different there’s a collection of Mercurys, these ’60s relics remind us of what the US was like back then. If you want to reupholster your classic, we offer some expert advice, and if it’s a long lunch you’re wanting, sit down and enjoy that with ex-racer Graeme Lawrence and writer Michael Clark as they reminisce about earlier times from the New Zealand motor sport world.