New Zealand Classic Car 337, January 2019

 The January issue remembers the golden summer of a couple of our favourite classic cars, the Triumph 2000, and especially the 2500. It won hearts and minds across the commonwealth in the ’70s. It was a class above the GMs and Fords of the day with its stylish interior, great ride, decent performance, and even reasonable fuel economy as the fuel crisis began to bite. The Lancia Flaminia is named after one of the great Roman roads. Its classic style and engineering substance perfectly demonstrates how this Italian car maker and the specialist coach builders of this era achieved legendary status. That’s not to say its new Kiwi owner had a trouble-free run from Italy to the UK on its way to these shores. Meanwhile, Michael Clark chats to New Zealand’s Mr Motorsport, Bob McMurray, who witnessed first hand New Zealand’s long reign at the top of Formula One.