New Zealand Classic Car 305, May 2016

In our May issue, we feature one of the finest American muscle cars  we’ve ever seen, plus an iconic Japanese classic. Also in this issue, we road-test the latest Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Coupe, Donn Anderson shares his romantic attachment with the Alfa Romeo Guili. Also, in Kits and Pieces, Patrick checks out an unusual Tri-Magnum, plus you’ll receive a free Targa Rotorua programme.     

We explore the rich history of the SS396 Chevelle, and find out why this car has become an icon of what is arguably Chevy’s most defining era. We follow Glenn Ripley’s journey to owning one of these stunning beasts and find out how the car made it to our fair shores via a true American history.

The newest Porsche 911 — the 991 Generation II — is here and we were lucky enough to get out for a drive. With a brand-new twin-turbocharger set-up, we look into whether Porsche have messed with a winning formula or enhanced the 911 enough to make it feel and drive like a 911 should.

Trevor Stanley-Joblin’s prophecy of Japanese cars becoming classic has been proven true, and he’s found one for the books (or the magazine, as it were). John Glass tells the story of how he came to own his dream GTO, how he restored it to a class-winning car, and his future-proofed plan to keep it in the family.

We hitch a ride with Jonathon Lyons, the Chairman of Jewel Events, as he takes a group of wonderful cars, and their fabulous drivers, for a driving experience like no other from the bottom to the top of the country, experiencing the best that New Zealand has to offer along the way.

There’s also our usual full complement of news items, along with other features to keep you reading.  

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