The Shed 109, June/July 2023

My shed - Gary Norton
One man’s paradise: a shed crammed with vehicles in various stages of restoration. Classic Fords sit alongside a bevy of trucks and a unique build of a mini Kenworth. Jason Burgess visits a passionate Westie’s mega-sized shed.
Crafting a lifestyle
Smart decisions on money and machinery are vital in setting up a commercial woodwork workshop. James Perry shares his journey and tips from when he set up his Mainland commercial woodworking workshop.
Software test: Alibre 101 Part 6
What your mother didn’t teach you about sweeping.
Bob Hulme is loving using this software and in Part 6 tells us how to do Sweeping and not the sweeping you are already so familiar with.
Build a winning go-kart
Lateral thinking and creativity come into the mix when you are trying to build a competition-beating machine. Richard Brown and family take up the challenge with a successful outcome.
Building a shed – part 2: The case for lining
This ‘ultimate shed’ is future-proofed, based on the premise that it’s easier to add features during construction than face expense and disruption later on. In our penultimate instalment, Des Bromilow is up to wall linings and electrical instals.
Milling timber for furniture: Macrocarpa makeover
It’s not easy to find a bench seat that’s comfortable, supportive, and tip-proof – but this just might be it. Mark Beckett completes his milled macrocarpa project with a stable bench seat.
Electronics – Tales for makers, part six
In part six of Tales for makers, our expert uses  21st century technology to create a historic musical instrument, a steel drum.
Off the grid: Garden parties and other things …
I went to a garden party … They all knew my name (Rick Nelson)
Murray Grimmond shares with us three social gatherings he recently attended with talented sheddies and old mates. There were lots of good times, memories and even cake.
Installing wood-burners: A matter of the airshed
Ingenuity provides a solution in the balancing act between creating a warm home and contributing to air pollution. Ritchie Wilson longed for a wood burner for decades but thought he was not allowed one in Christchurch but, there is a way he can and we learn about his journey.
The Shed Shrink: Gary, the collector of ’70s cool
Mark Seek warns us not to leave it too late – set out on that adventure now. Gary is a sheddie who has reconnected again with motorbikes after 50 years of abstinence.
Pram restoration: Restoration reminiscences
An unexpected treasure found at a vintage car swap meet brings joy to several generations. Trever Stanley Joblin has restored many vintage and classic cars but never a baby’s pram… until now.
Model making: Model inspiration
A skilled craftsman has found a way to satisfy a car lover’s need to have their beloved nearby at all times. Quinton Taylor meets Gary Peterson of Invercargill who makes one-off unique models of clients’ modified cars and hot rods.
Back o’ The Shed: Over the ditch
Jude Woodside rejoices in the fact that Australia has relaxed the citizenship rules for Kiwis in Australia and the fact that Aussies love us again, well… sort of.
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