The Shed 73, July–August 2017

 In Issue 73 we head to Whanganui to meet motelier by day and sheddie by night Peter Shepard. Peter has set himself up in his shed to indulge in his passion for making stunning pieces from recycled junk and they are truly stunning. Ray Cleaver meets a brave Paul Jury of New Plymouth who has placed a jet engine on his push bike and we enjoy the skills of Bruce Derrett who takes old tools and turns them into enjoyable art. David Blackwell builds two modern, stylish dining tables that are an easy build for most of us and Jon Addison meets Noel Sims who just loves restoring old cars in his shed, he calls it his therapy. Jude gets to welding us a trendy vertical wall garden then we enjoy the magic miniature railway of New Plymouth sheddie Michael Wolfe. We take a tour of the very successful Henly Men's Shed in the Wairarapa before Mark Beckett gets to grips with your shed's bench power supply.



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