The Shed 44, August–September 2012

In Shed Issue 44 we join forces with The University of Auckland to perform a truly independent test on all the major brands of oscillating Multitools on the market. It is the complete guide to buying. We head to Dunedin to marvel at the kinetic rolling ball sculpture made by computer whizz Paul Cardno then Katalin Sallai explains the basic principles of marquetry. Our first Project this issue is how to make a saw bench jig to enable you to cut small pieces of wood safely and in our safety feature, we highlight the importance of having a defibrillator nearby at all times. In our jewellery feature, we showcase students creating Olympic-themed medals for their jewellery course and Geoff Merryweather shows us how to make a ring roller for bending steel. We head to Central Taranaki to meet stained glass artist, Veronica Lamont then we visit a Gisborne house that is using straw as insulation. Another project this issue is where we install a car radiator fan controller using Arduino before we get some more Arduino support with our Arduino 101 Series.

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