New Zealand Classic Car 383, November 2022

The Triumph 2000s and 2500s were firm favourites with Kiwi families who wanted a better standard of finish than that offered by the Aussie sixes. The Mk2s have survived in greater numbers so it’s nice to see this Mk1 has been rescued — not without  difficulty; a real ‘triumph’ over adversity. It’s also a tribute to a rare model: the Mk1 2500 PI. 

Moving forward to 1986, we’ve got a historically significant Skyline — the car that encouraged Nissan to go all out with its next model, the R32 ‘Godzilla’, which traumatised the Aussie V8s. A young owner treasures this low-mileage, limited-edition model. 

We’ve also got one of the most significant racing cars of all time and it abides in New Zealand: the Darracq 120; a lovely and surprisingly affordable Jaguar; and a profile of Honda’s groundbreaking Civic.

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