New Zealand Classic Car 381, September 2022

As we get used to the fact there will be no more hot Holdens to embarrass GM in other markets, the growing you-don’t-know-what-you’ve-got-till-its gone feeling is only pushing appreciation of the early Monaros ever skywards. In this issue we check out a pristine HT Monaro in all its shimmering glory. Also, ascendant from the Land of the Rising Sun, are early high-tech sports cars like the Mitsubishi Starion, which pointed to the next geographical centre of motoring excellence. Saab’s two-stroke 96 won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1962. Its two-stroke 841cc engine might not have pointed to the future but this car remains a firm favourite with rally fans 60 years on. Devotion to another ’60s car — a Vauxhall Cresta that towed a caravan halfway across the world — has seen ‘Angela’ recreated, and we feature another ’60s survivor with all the charm of the early Bond films: an early Bond car:  the Bond Equipe.

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