New Zealand Classic Car 378, June 2022

When it comes to big Aussie sixes, we naturally think of Ford Falcons and Holden Commodores. However, back in the ’70s Ford offered another option, taking the average-sized English Cortina and squeezing the 4.1-litre Falcon engine under the bonnet. This tempted only a few of Ford’s customers away from the much-loved Falcon. Read the full story in our latest issue.
We also find out what it takes to bring an MG basket case back to life: self-reliance, dogged determination, and an epic restoration project — resulting in one of the best MGs we’ve ever seen.
We often hear about the little old lady who only drove her car to church on Sundays. The story is almost true for our featured Ford Galaxie, which was owned by a lady from Austin, South Dakota, for 48 years. She wanted comfort, reliability, and a good-looking car, and she certainly got all three. 
Check out one man’s tribute to one of Bruce McLaren’s victorious Can-Am cars, plus much more, including a full and comprehensive official Targa New Zealand programme, with maps, itineraries, driver profiles, and listings.

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