New Zealand Classic Car 367, July 2021

This month we start with an apology. ‘Many’s the slip between cup and lip’ goes the saying and this time we got it all down our front. Somehow the last page of the feature story on a beautifully restored Land Rover, page 16, slipped out of the magazine, and in its place we got a page from the next story, on a long-term restoration of a delightful Talbot-Lago. The only saving grace is that that story wasn’t messed up as page 24 also appeared in its correct spot. We had picked up an error when compiling the issue but in fixing that we seem to have messed this bit up. To make partial amends, the full story on the Land Rover, including its conclusion, is published online at But please enjoy other great stories on a bevy of Porsches and Ferraris, and Oldsmobile Cutlass, SID II — a classic kiwi race car — and the quizzical TR7.

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