New Zealand Classic Car 360,December 2020

The Ford Sierra RS Cosworth — the name alone is magic and not just for fast Ford fans. It’s another of the high points of Ford’s aptitude for turning basic small family cars or repmobiles into weapons on the track. And that big wing is emphatic confirmation that this is one of them. We check out the only example that Ford New Zealand officially imported here. Also this month we look at a  host of other everyday cars with a bit of extra gloss: a Ford Zephyr MkII, a Mazda RX-3 SP,  a Morris 1300 GT and the surviving, well, what’s left of it, Goodbye Pork Pie Mini. In the middle we have Denny Hulme’s Range Rover, another Rover-plus-racing-combo in a TWR Rover SD1 and, right at the tippy top end, an insider’s view of the annual super exclusive Villa d’Este classic car bash.

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