Best of The Shed, volume 2

Want to make your own outdoor fire, bedside cabinet, or Damascus steel knife? How about an outdoor slow cooker barbeque or a ukulele? Maybe you want to learn how to make your bicycle electric? These are just a few of the projects we have included in this second edition of Best of The Shed. All have clear instructions that demonstrate the build process and include diagrams and parts lists.

Sheddies on both sides of the Tasman have been inspired by the projects and informative features we run in the magazine, and this is a selection of some of our most popular articles from the first 15 years of The Shed.

Whatever your workshop passion, from woodworking to welding, from electronics to outdoor projects, there are some great ideas here. If you are a newbie, give them a go — you have to start somewhere in your journey to be a creative sheddie.

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