NZV8 Top 100 Cars — The Editor's Pick

Editor, Todd Wylie on NZV8 Top 100 Cars — The Editor's Pick: Since you’re reading this, chances are that, just like us, you know we’ve got some prettyamazing cars in this country. It wasn’t until we sat down to get started on this book though that we were reminded of just how amazing those cars are on a global scale. While the concept of creating a book with my 100 personal favourite feature cars from the first 100 issues of NZV8 magazine is a great one, it’s also been a whole lot trickier than I first expected. My first list of ‘100 cars’ was actually closer to double that number, and narrowing them down further was a very tough decision. In fact, I even asked the publisher if we could double the size and make it the top 200 cars, as it was just too hard to decide what should make the cut. While I’m sure some of those vehicles that did make it are predictable, I’m equally as sure that some arequite the opposite, but there’s a very valid reasonwhy each and every car that made these pages did so. They may not all be big dollar cars, some may not even be the tidiest of cars, nor the most powerful,but there’s just something about each that not only managed to capture my attention, but hold it. When you consider that in the 100 Issues of NZV8 these vehicles have been selected from, there’s been over 500 cars, standing out from the masses is a major achievement. We hope you enjoy what we’ve put together, and look forward to bringing you Volume Two, some time after Issue 200 of NZV8 goes to print. Thankfully that gives us a few years, as I’m not sure I could handle the tough decisions required to select the cars any time sooner!