NZV8 034, March 2008

  • Kumeu Car Show (which was fantastic by the way - see page 36 for coverage) I was glad to see the launch of a fuel discount card that actually seems worthwhile. 
  • Later this year, with the release of the new Camaro and Challenger, we will hopefully see the fully fledged comeback of the muscle car. 
  • Those two stunners, along with the 2009 Corvette and 2010 Mustang - both of which also look amazing - could well kick off a true muscle car revival, and wouldn't that be something? 
  • Speaking of muscle, this issue is full of it. 
  • From a big block blown Monaro to a very understated Camaro and even a Hummer thrown in for good measure, there is no lack of reading ahead for you, so I'll leave you to it. 
  •  And all your favorite dust that card off and grab your issue.