NZV8 9, February 2006

  • Kiwi Counter Steer King: Rhys Millen Drift King, 
  • This Ain't No Show Pony: '66 Mustang with Attitude, 
  • Hot Delivery: Bagged '34 Delivery Van,
  • Drag Masters: The Must See Event!, 
  • Dyno Nights: Chasing Power at Rob's Place, 
  • Learning Curve: '68 Chev Pickup,
  • Owners Keepers: Keep It Real in a Buick 
  • Harrop Engineering: State of the Art Factory,
  • A Truck With Attitude: Twin Turbo Ram, 
  • Beaut Ford: We Drive the New BF Falcon,
  •  Gillette V8 Supercar Challenge: Round 12 & 13 Aussie V8s

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